Spoilers Movie

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Spoilers Movie

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Award winning film made by 17 year old Connor Williams. Everyone is calling it an updated version of The Breakfast Club. If you like Breakfast Club or Teen movies this movie is for you! Winner of Best Student Film at Film Festivals in Florida, Texas and California. Best Indy award winner regardless of age in a Film Festival in Texas.

Co Stars Terry Kiser (Bernie/Dead Guy) from Weekend at Bernies!!!

What they are saying:

This guy is amazing. Connor has incredible Passion Drive and Talent. (Victoria Film Festival)

Connor, I want to say that our programming committee was absolutely amazed by your obvious talent. (La Costa Film Festival)

I saw your film and loved it! It's become a favorite of our judging committee. Your clever story-line progressed very well and you did a lot of character research to modernize the detention trope. (Temecula Independent Film Festival)

Spoilers is Great! (Bad Theatre Film Festival)

I like your attitude, your motivation, and think you would be right for RF 2015. (Rendezvous Film Festival)

I want this!
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